A multifunctional approach for smart home management.


Homepower enables users to remotely control their devices and appliances at home. Users can automate tasks, monitor security, keep track of their energy consumption and create personalized routines.

I worked on UX wireframes (by Codesigner) for Tablet and Desktop with the freedom to bring my creative vision to life.


UI Kit

In order to achieve consistency across different platforms and light/dark themes, I developed an extensive UI Kit based on specific rules and guidelines. Here's some of it.



Creating an interface that prioritizes control, clarity and versatility.

UX Changes


(hover over screen to see)

1. I gave the user more control over each section.

2. I separated favorite scenes from favorite devices.

3. I provided the option to choose from different homes.



Translating the table functions into an interface that prioritizes remote control and survey.

Specific needs

1. Users should be able to quickly survey their home, even from afar.

2. Users have full control of their home in a way that fits the mobile screen.



Creating a clear and survey-focused interface.

UX Changes


(hover over screen to see)

1. I made the costs graphic more interactive.

2. I added important default categories.

Want to see more? Check UX Wireframes (by Codesigner), more screens, dark theme and full UI Kit.

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